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      Bewley and Ritch Blog — Bewley and Ritch

      It's National Stress Awareness Day!

      It's National Stress Awareness Day!

      It’s November 1st, which means it’s National Stress Awareness Day!
      We've put together our Top 5 Steps to help you de-stress before, during and after work!


      1. Keep a Journal

      Use your journal to plan each day at work. Make lists of tasks to complete and tick each one off as you go. Having your responsibilities organized in front of you will help you feel in control of your work load and reduce the associated stress.


      2. Exercise

      If you’re struggling with how to leave your work problems at work, try taking out your frustrations in the gym. Although exercising may seem like a chore to a lot of us (myself included), it has been scientifically proven to reduce stress levels.

      FYI: When we exercise, our body releases chemicals called endorphins which reduce the perception of pain.

      3. Listen to Music

      Whatever your musical preferences are, taking time out to relax and listen to your favourite artist can have a tremendously relaxing effect on your mind. Music will help you easily zone out from work and make the most of your personal time.

      (Try to avoid using your phone during this time - reading work emails and keeping up with current affairs won't help anyone.) 

      4. Run a hot bath

      Let’s face it, we can’t run off to a Spa after every working day – running a hot bath is the next best thing. With the colder weather approaching, a bath is the easiest way to warm up, relax and sooth your body's muscles (great if you experience aches and pains from your job).

      5. Get Support

      Talk to your colleagues! Whether it’s simply ranting about the mountain of things you have to do or asking for help, talking to someone in a similar position will keep you sane.


      How do you de-stress? Tweet us your answers, @OfficialBewley

      Half-term getaways! Where can you go without breaking the bank?

      Half-term getaways! Where can you go without breaking the bank?

      Feeling those summer blues? You’re not the only one! That’s why we’ve found the cheapest city breaks for you this half-term. All that’s left to do is pack…

      Dublin - Amsterdam
      Cost: £31 Ryanair
      Wednesday 15th November – Wednesday 22nd November 2017

      Amsterdam is famous for many things: historic attractions, the Heineken Experience, the Amsterdam Ice Bar. Whatever you are interested in, you can guarantee you won’t spend a second of your trip bored. We recommend taking a cruise down the Canal – you can even dine here if your budget stretches that far.

      Tip: If you are a history fanatic like me, you will want to visit the Anne Frank Museum. But this isn’t one of those tourist attractions you can just turn up to, you need to book in advance!

      Bristol – Barcelona
      Cost: £47 Easyjet
      Monday 6th November – Thursday 16th November 2017

      Stuck between a city break and a beach holiday? Then combine the two and head straight for Barcelona! The city’s metro system is easy to use and can get you from the Sagrada Familia to Barceloneta beach in minutes. We recommend visiting Mount Tibidabo – don’t let your fear of heights stop you from seeing the breathtaking views this amusement park has to offer!

      Tip: Buy a T10 metro ticket and you can ride the metro 10 times for just 9.95. If you’re on a budget, avoid eating lunch/dinner in Las Ramblas.

      London Stansted – Basel
      Cost: £40 EasyJet
      Tuesday 31st October – Tuesday 7th November 2017

      If you are an Art fanatic, Basel is for you. And for those of you who aren’t, well what could be better than a trip to Switzerland in October? Basel is a culture-centric city bordering both France and Germany, and with its Munster Cathedral and Zoological Gardens, you won’t fall short of tourist attractions to visit.

      Tip: Book tours/museum tickets online for up to 50% discount. Spend £23 on a boat trip along the Rhine River, it’s worth it trust us!

      Manchester – Berlin
      Cost: £26 Ryanair
      Tuesday 7th November – Tuesday 14th November 2017

      If you haven’t already been to Berlin, then stop everything and book NOW! Berlin is one of the most stimulating, creative cities in Europe. It has something for everyone – history, nightlife and family friendly attractions. Do your research and plan out your activities, there are an abundance of sights to see and you may have to travel quite far for a few.  

      Tip: Make your way to Brandenburg Gate and take the ‘free’ walking tour – this is a great way to get your bearings whilst ticking off your site seeing list. P.S. We use the term ‘free’ loosely, you are required to donate a sum of money at the end of the tour. 

      Edinburgh – Prague
      Cost: £49 Ryanair
      Tuesday 31st October – Saturday 4th November 2017

      Have you ever wondered what it would be like starring in a Disney movie? Book a flight to Prague and find out. Whether you love architecture or take pride in your Instagram aesthetic, you will appreciate Prague’s beautiful baroque buildings and Gothic churches.

      Tip: See the sights in style – take the famous Prague Vintage Car Tour and ride to Prague Castle in an open top car. You can even squeeze time in to go paddle boating on the Vltava River.

      Best Locations For a Stag Do in 2017

      Best Locations For a Stag Do in 2017

      Planning a stag do? Maybe you are the groom or the best man, choosing the right location for a stag do can make or break the weekend. Get it wrong and the blame is on you…no pressure! We have put together the best locations and activities to guarantee you an unforgettable weekend without mentioning strip clubs or dancing women (we are pretty sure you will find those on your own!) Whether you are football fans or just want to drink all the beer you can we’ve got it all covered. 



      Barcelona is great if you want sun, alcohol and football all in one holiday. Barcelona as you will know is great for football and if you are lucky you might rub shoulders with the players at the local Go Kart track (one of the best in Europe) where they are often seen. Ever tried bubble football? Fun activities could include bubble football or quad biking.

      For the best stag bars, we recommend Bollocks, this place has tables for arm wrestling so you can settle things once and for all. Chupitos has over 500 different shots to choose from and Flaherty’s is a great sports bar that serves an excellent pint. Don’t forget to look into Barcelona’s infamous festivals; you might be able to catch some good acts without splashing out on a Glastonbury ticket as well!



      Prague is definitely the holy grail of all stag do locations, if you don’t have an epic weekend in Prague then you need to check your pulse. During the day go to Trabant Rally where you can hire out possibly the worst cars of all time in vibrant colours to drive around the city, they will definitely make you turn heads and give you a great adventure. The Great Escape is a world war 2 themed game where you are trapped in a room and you must solve the puzzles to escape within 60 minutes and if you don’t…we just presume they let you out anyway but it can make a fun twist to your stag do.

      For the best bars, go to Double Trouble, this is where all of the staff dance on the tables and bar whilst the DJ gets the party started, this is a great place to start your night. U Fleku is another well-known pub that is older then the entire nation of America!



      This is the party hub of the north and home to one of Europe’s best club scenes if you are looking to party hard within the UK. During the day have fun with Rage Buggies where you can have as much fun as you want without flashing blue lights in the rear view mirror.

      Brew Dog is one of Newcastle’s best bars with 33 taps to choose from so you can the guys will be spoilt for choice. Tiger Hornsby is a bar for sophisticated drinks where they set light to cocktails and use blowtorches, this shows how manly the cocktails are! Newcastle is guaranteed to give you everything you want in a stag do so as Ant and Dec would say “lets get ready to rumble…..”



      Another ultimate stag do location, Amsterdam has everything to offer that you need for a great weekend. For ultimate laughs and sigh seeing, you can’t beat the genius that is the beer bike. Rent one of those beauties to take you all over the city in a unique way.

      For the best bars, we recommend Vesper Bar, this is a seriously cool place that serves amazing cocktails. These aren’t girly cocktails but 007 style sophisticated man drinks. HPS (hiding in Plain Sight) we hear is another cool quirky bar if you fancy something a bit different. We all know Amsterdam is famed for it’s red light district but if that’s not your scene then Dam Square is great for bars and restaurant  as well as Amsterdam’s Chinatown which is great to fill up on Chinese food



      Dublin is the city for sport mad stags. Take part in the Gaelic Games where you can partake in Hurling, Gaelic Football and Irish Handball. This is basically an opportunity for you to beat up the groom but in a fun way with helmets and big sticks. Irish pubs are legendary all over the world so you couldn’t have picked a better place for a drinking weekend.

      Sinotts is one of the very best in a city full of fine drinking establishments and is worth a pint or two. We have heard that 37 Dawson Street is a great place for a proper Irish night out too. If you can get there for St Patrick’s Day then you will be at the epicenter of the world’s largest pub crawl and if you can get to Longitude festival in July then you will whiteness Ireland’s largest music festival.



      If you are looking to spend more money and fancy somewhere with a hint of TOWIE glamour then this is the place for you. The best way to appreciate Marbs is on the ocean waves, join a party boat for sun, sea and sangria! Linekers is one of the most famous party destinations in Spain and no Marbella stag do is complete without stopping by.

      News café isn’t your average café, find this bar on a rooftop by the harbourside where everyone will be sipping champagne and dancing to top tunes. If you go in Marbella then don’t miss the Marbella Festival, a weekend full of thousands of people, live music, Dj’s and more. The best place for a fiesta!



      Budapest has some of the best stag activities in Europe. Target shooting is just one of the activities that is bound to get the weekend off to a good start. What better way to have fun then shooting stuff.

      Budapest has an eray of pop up bars that come and go which are definitely worth a visit. Szimpla Kert is a bar with an odd interior design but an amazing atmosphere, which makes it a top night out. If travelling there in June don’t miss the Buda Castle Beer Festival where you can sample the local flavours.



      If you aren’t looking to go out of the country then good old Manchester (our home) is a guarantee for a great weekend. Maybe catch a football match in one of the best cities for football in the country. You may not know Manchester has an indoor skydiving facility, which is a massive hit with stag dos if you can’t afford the real thing.

      For great bars The Liar’s Club is a must, this is part tiki bar, part cocktail lounge, part British boozer, all bound to start off a great night. The Black Dog Ball Room is also another hit with stags as it is a New York inspired speakeasy and pool hall that any stag group will love.


      Have a great stag do, can't wait for our invite! 


      Best Dating Apps For 2017

      Best Dating Apps For 2017

      Since the launch of Tinder in 2012 the dating world has become a more fun and exciting place. Tinder cut out the long profiles of traditional websites and made dating apps the go-to method for meeting people online. However 5 years on there's now a whole array of dating apps to find exactly what you're looking for. We have gathered the best apps to help you find your soul mate or maybe just a fling for this weekend. Either way, you’re welcome!



      This is an app that allows you to record an icebreaker question and record and listen to spontaneous responses. They say you can tell a lot by a person’s voice and this app proves that.



      This is an app that connects people based on their interests and hobbies rather then generic profile stats meaning that your first date can be something more fun then just a pint in or pub – unless that is your mutual interest of course!



      Did you go to an event last night and forget to get that girls number? No problem, this app allows you to connect after if you were at the same event or location so you can still chat to them the next day.



      This dating app takes the awkwardness out of first dates and allows you to bring a friend, even the profiles have a plus one. If you get nervous going on dates alone then this app could be great for making you feel more relaxed – provided you can find a time when all four of you are free.



      A lot of apps are tying to be the new Tinder but this app seems to have found its niche. Happn connects you with people you have crossed paths with in the street, adding an element of real life fate to the impersonal world of virtual dating. If you keep seeing the same girl on your train or in your local coffee shop, this app could connect you to that special person.



      This app called its self the ‘anti-tinder’ by limiting your dating choice to one a day. It connects your Facebook accounts and matches people based on their profile info, gender, age, education, background, religion etc. The app promises quality over quantity for anyone suffering with a case of swipe fatigue.


      What's not to love about this app? If you have a beard then find partners that love beards too. The beard trend is huge right now, so it's a look loads of women are looking for. Whether you have a bit of facial hair or full on cave man, this app is for you.


      This app claims to change the rules of dating, putting the woman in the driving seat by always giving them the option to make the first move. If she doesn’t say something within 24 hours then the connection disappears.

      Get the Look: Steal Ryan Gosling's Style

      Get the Look: Steal Ryan Gosling's Style

      With the release of the highly anticipated modern musical La La Land, we're taking a look at Ryan Gosling's style throughout his movie career and how you can achieve his wardrobe. Ryan Gosling, heart throb and man crush, has definitely become a style icon. Whether he's off duty or on the red carpet, he never fails to get it right and neither do his movie characters.  
      In La La Land, Ryan plays a suave young gentleman living in Hollywood trying to make his dreams of opening a jazz bar come true. His classic style of a white shirt, thin black tie and brogues is an iconic Hollywood look. The Aland white shirt will look great with a pair of tailored trousers and smart brogues. Just roll up your sleeves and leave the top button undone for the La La Land effect. 
      Nice Guys is set in the 70's where Ryan Gosling plays a detective looking for a missing porn star, sporting a typical 70's faded suit and an array of eccentric shirts. The Gaelan blazer is a modern take on the vintage style of Gosling's suit. 
      The Note Book is typically a chick flick but many guys probably have a secret soft spot for this movie. Noah is a young mill worker who falls for rich girl Allie (played by Rachael Mcadams). Set in the 40s, the film is packed full of vintage fashion trends; The Aland shirt in navy is close alternative to Ryan's casual 1940's look. 
      This very cool, action packed thriller Drive sees Ryan Gosling cast in another completely different role, this time as a Hollywood stunt driver who moonlights as a getaway driver. The film features an iconic gold bomber jacket, which unfortunately we haven't got round to making just yet, but you can achieve Gosling's laid back look with a casual blue top like the Oatley. Wear it with a denim jacket for the style of a super cool getaway driver.
      Crazy Stupid Love features Gosling as a suit wearing ladies man, trying to teach Cal, a forty something family man, the ways of dating and winning over women. If Ryan Gosling is your man crush then you're sure to love this film. For a smart and sophisticated style like Gosling's, the Baring shirt is sure to make you stand out. Roll the sleeves up neatly and wear it with a pair of fitted trousers and brown brogues. A pair of stylish sunglasses will complete the full Gosling look. 
      This film sees Gosling as a motorcycle stuntman who turns to crime to support his love and newborn child. With his bleached blonde hair, face tattoo and ripped clothes, this is a very different Gosling than we're used to. The Roman t-shirt in white is close to this style, but perhaps order a few sizes too big if you want that slouchy out-law feel.