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      Bewley and Ritch Blog — what to wear

      How White Socks Have Become Cool Again

      How White Socks Have Become Cool Again

      Believe it or not, white socks haven’t always been so greatly hated. Paul Newman is one of the very few men that have managed to make white socks cool. This image (Below) shows Newman reclining on the front of a boat, beer in hand, looking every bit the modern style icon.

      Another white sock legend is the King himself; Elvis Presley wore them in the famous 1757 Jailhouse Rock video. Probably the coolest man who ever lived definitely knew how to wear the trend.  

      We cannot forget the most iconic pair of white socks…

      Michael Jackson in his Swarovski crystal-encrusted socks to perform ‘Billy Jean’ on the 1984 Victory tour.


      For those who couldn’t afford the Swarovski encrusted socks, it was the preppy college young men of the 50’s that initially made the socks work. Famous for cultivating athletic, intelligent boys styled with their slick crew cuts, bright Madras shorts, beaten up penny loafers and bright white socks. For the first time, rich, young, intelligent men were wearing white socks and looking great while doing it.

      Where did it all go wrong? As any fashion trend, it is likely they just ran their course and they fell out of fashion. Where the white tube sock once signified athlete or the calling of a hard drinker, hard womanizer, by the late nineties they became synonymous with creepy uncles that would wear them with sandals bought from the classified section of The Daily Express.

      Well now we can safely say they are starting to become cool again, whether they are being ironically worn with Adidas or Supreme pool slides by the fashion crowd or teamed with skate shoes by new, more soulful brand of urban artists, white socks are definitely starting to look cool again.


      How To Wear…

      If you are going to attempt the daring trend then be sure to pull it off in the right way. Wear white socks with trainers and slim cut jeans (very Newman). The Bewley and Ritch Favel shirt will give your look a preppy and quirky twist. Alternatively a simpler shirt like Stroke or Roes will give you the cool, laid back, Athletic look of the 50’s.

      Favel - Navy £35.00

      Stroke - Black £40.00

      Roes - White £40.00

      Get the Look: Steal Ryan Gosling's Style

      Get the Look: Steal Ryan Gosling's Style

      With the release of the highly anticipated modern musical La La Land, we're taking a look at Ryan Gosling's style throughout his movie career and how you can achieve his wardrobe. Ryan Gosling, heart throb and man crush, has definitely become a style icon. Whether he's off duty or on the red carpet, he never fails to get it right and neither do his movie characters.  
      In La La Land, Ryan plays a suave young gentleman living in Hollywood trying to make his dreams of opening a jazz bar come true. His classic style of a white shirt, thin black tie and brogues is an iconic Hollywood look. The Aland white shirt will look great with a pair of tailored trousers and smart brogues. Just roll up your sleeves and leave the top button undone for the La La Land effect. 
      Nice Guys is set in the 70's where Ryan Gosling plays a detective looking for a missing porn star, sporting a typical 70's faded suit and an array of eccentric shirts. The Gaelan blazer is a modern take on the vintage style of Gosling's suit. 
      The Note Book is typically a chick flick but many guys probably have a secret soft spot for this movie. Noah is a young mill worker who falls for rich girl Allie (played by Rachael Mcadams). Set in the 40s, the film is packed full of vintage fashion trends; The Aland shirt in navy is close alternative to Ryan's casual 1940's look. 
      This very cool, action packed thriller Drive sees Ryan Gosling cast in another completely different role, this time as a Hollywood stunt driver who moonlights as a getaway driver. The film features an iconic gold bomber jacket, which unfortunately we haven't got round to making just yet, but you can achieve Gosling's laid back look with a casual blue top like the Oatley. Wear it with a denim jacket for the style of a super cool getaway driver.
      Crazy Stupid Love features Gosling as a suit wearing ladies man, trying to teach Cal, a forty something family man, the ways of dating and winning over women. If Ryan Gosling is your man crush then you're sure to love this film. For a smart and sophisticated style like Gosling's, the Baring shirt is sure to make you stand out. Roll the sleeves up neatly and wear it with a pair of fitted trousers and brown brogues. A pair of stylish sunglasses will complete the full Gosling look. 
      This film sees Gosling as a motorcycle stuntman who turns to crime to support his love and newborn child. With his bleached blonde hair, face tattoo and ripped clothes, this is a very different Gosling than we're used to. The Roman t-shirt in white is close to this style, but perhaps order a few sizes too big if you want that slouchy out-law feel. 

      How to Dress for a ‘Casual’ Job Interview


       Quint blazer

      Job interviews can be a minefield. First impressions are crucial so it’s vital to hit the right note with your outfit.

      Believe it or not, this is much harder for a casual interview. With a corporate job, you know exactly what’s expected, but if you’re interviewing for a company that doesn’t expect suits and ties you have to use your judgement – and risk getting it wrong.

      If you’re really lucky, you might get an indication of what to wear when you’re invited to the interview i.e. “Great, why don’t you come in for a chat next week, dead casual, don’t dress up or anything”. But if not then don’t worry – we’re here to help. If you are looking for ideas what to wear to a more corporate job interview, check out this post from Jiggler Lord Berlue, but if your big day’s at an eccentric tech start up, then read on...

      Focus On Separates

      If you’re going for a creative job working in an office environment, opting for separates is your best bet. A full suit looks extremely corporate, but wearing a blazer and trousers in different tones is more relaxed but still smart enough for an interview. Try our Elton or Finch blazers with lighter chinos for that Ivy League chic.

      The Button-Down Shirt

      The button down shirt is a classic wardrobe staple, and it’s perfect for a casual job interview. Wear it on its own (buttoned to the top) or layered with a blazer. Try a subtly patterned shirt like Baring – remember light colours are more formal than dark, but as long as it’s not completely plain you won’t look too corporate.

      Slim Fitting Denims

      Yes, you can wear jeans for a job interview with a certain kind of company. The sort that lists employees pets on its website would be open to this look, but always stick to dark, slim fitting styles. Washed out ripped drainpipes are obviously out of the question, but you knew that. Still, you should always err on the side of caution and if in doubt, go with some navy chinos instead.


      Shoes are important; they have a massive impact on your overall outfit. Stick to classic oxfords or brogues which you’ve scrupulously polished and if in doubt, just wear black.

      Do you need a tie? It depends. If you’re not wearing a full suit a tie is not normally considered essential, and they don’t pair particularly well with button down collars. On the other hand if you’re a tie aficionado with a huge collection that you want to show off then knock yourself out – it won’t count against you unless it’s got Homer Simpson on.

      Finish off with a firm handshake and good eye contact. That’s it!

      Good luck with your next job interview and don’t be afraid to ask friends and family for their opinion too – real people know you and what looks great on you!

      How To Survive a Heat Wave Without Air Con!

      How To Survive a Heat Wave Without Air Con!

      It's that time of the year again… that one day when the typically mundane English weather catches us off guard. The sun comes out, the tops come off and people flock to the beer gardens as if the beer was running out.

      If like us, your office does not have air conditioning, then we have put together a few little tips to survive the “unbearable” English heat.

      1) Get a Fan and close the blinds!

      Yes, it's very tempting to open up all the windows and let the glorious sunshine in but you're very quickly going to regret that decision as soon as the afternoon sun is in full force. Get a fan to keep your office or work space cool and keep those blinds shut a little to stop the sunlight bursting through!

      2) Take on a lot of Water!

      Drinking water can help decrease your bodies core temperature and will keep you hydrated. Washing your face and hands in cold water can also have a great cooling effect on the body.

      3) Head downstairs.

      As we know heat rises, so the further up the building you are the warmer your office will probably be. If you can work on the lower floors, or even better work in a shaded spot outside if you are allowed.

      4) Avoid excessive alcohol or caffeine.

      Both these substances act as diuretics and promote dehydration so if you can limit yourself on hot days then you will feel the benefits.

      5) Go into a public building that has air con!

      Take full advantage of all the free cold air and just sit back and enjoy.

      6) Wear lightweight, breathable clothing!

      Wearing thin and breathable clothing will make the day a lot more bearable. Shorts, dresses and short sleeve shirts are a must, and if you can try to stick to light colours. Dark clothing attracts the sun more.

      Check out our Pascal white polo shirt now on sale. Perfect for this summer heat wave!

      7) Pull a sickie!

      Now we are not advocating that you should do this often. But come on, how often does the weather get like this in England? Errrr never!

      So give your boss a little call and let him know that you’ve come down with the “man flu” and get out and enjoy some sun. Just remember to wear sun lotion, as coming in with a tan may give your game away.

      8) Avoid public transport.

      This is not something all of us can avoid, but if you can, do! There's not much worse than being squished up against another guy's sweaty arm pit on the bus, train or tram on a hot summers day. If you can, avoid public transport.

      9) Air your feet or cool them down.

      Now, if your one of those people with really smelly feet, we do not advise you to do this one in the office. However if you can sneakily slip your shoes off and air your feet without making your colleagues retch then it can be a great way of feeling a little bit more chilled. We don’t suggest you go putting them up on your desk either!

      10) Seek the shade. When you're walking about, try and stick to shaded areas. You will notice a big difference between the air temperature when exposed to the sun and when being shaded from it!

      Stay cool, stay safe.

      Top 10 Last Minute City Break Ideas

      1. Berlin

      Perfect for history lovers with many museums or Art fanatics with an abundance of galleries. Berlin has something to offer everyone plus it is highly recommended for the lively nightlife.

      2. Madrid

      Soak up the Spanish culture in the heart of Spain. Enjoy flamenco dancing and traditional tapas in the many restaurants that line the streets.

      3. Paris

      The French capital is just a train ride away on the euro star. Feel like a Parisian whilst browsing the chic department stores or exploring the back street bars and clubs.

      4. Budapest

      This city is great for back packers as it is young, fun and cheap. The architecture is renowned for its beauty and if you want to unwind then relax in the famous Budapest spas.

      5. Rome

      Rome is renowned for its iconic Colosseum and Basilica which are a must see. The city is brimming with history and Italian culture.

      6. Vienna

      Almost all of Vienna’s main attractions sit within the Ringstrasse, a concise historic city centre that is largely pedestrianised.

      7. Amsterdam

      Enjoy a calming boat ride along one of the many canals, be a true Dutch and get around on bike then take a trip to the Anne Frank house. That’s what people go to Amsterdam for isn’t it?!

      8. Lisbon

      Lisbon is a great city for enjoying museums and culture as well as sunbathing on the beautiful beaches.

      9. Dublin

      Dublin is still out of England but not too far for a quick break, it’s great value for money and has extremely friendly locals.

      10. Edinburgh

      The Scottish capital is again not to far for a weekend away but offers a historic, cosmopolitan and cultured city. Plus it’s only a train ride away.


      Travelling - T-shirt £25.00

      Sight Seeing - Polo Shirt £35.00

      Evening - Short Sleeve Shirt £35.00

      It's always a challenge deciding what clothes to pack when going on holiday. That's why we have decided for you... For travelling, whether by train or airplane, wear a comfortable t-shirt. Whilst sightseeing during the day a smart polo shirt will keep you cool and look great in all of the holiday photos. A short sleeved shirt will also be ideal for the evening as it will again keep you cool and give a smart evening look. Wear the tops with neutral coloured shorts or chinos and pack a comfortable pair of shoes. Don't forget your sunglasses!

      Bon Voyage!