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The Funniest Stag Do Pranks

The Funniest Stag Do Pranks

It’s Wedding Season (apparently) and with the UK’s most eligible bachelor getting hitched this weekend, there hasn’t been a better time to take a look at the best pranks pulled by groomsmen worldwide. We all know Prince Harry for his wild partying past but did his Stag Party out do these? Doubtful…



Ah yes, the end of the night chicken stop. We all know it well. The night’s over, you’ve hopefully stopped drinking, you’ve definitely stopped embarrassing yourself and all you want is some chicken before bed. This Best Man caught the Groom off guard with this prank. A low blow but funny all the same.

Watch it here:



Your typical Stag Do night out was going well until the Groom’s hotel room got raided by police. There’s nothing like a police raid to sober you up. The Groom and his two friends ended up getting arrested and interrogated. If that wasn’t enough, they were told they’d even be held long enough to miss his wedding. Complete disaster! Or so he thought. Turns out the Best man organized the whole thing.



We all know the phrase but these lads took it to the next level. Not sure what the costume is about, though?

Watch it here:



Waking up the morning after a Stag Do is bad enough. You’re in bed, hungover, head pounding and gasping for a drink of coke. The last thing you want is… Well, this.

Watch it here:



The cruelest (and best) prank of all. Blind folded, harnessed up and countdown in full swing: this Groom was convinced he was going bungee jumping. He may have the worst mates ever, or the funniest. You decide.

Watch it here:



Imagine being kidnapped by a gang wearing balaclavas. Well that’s exactly what happened to his poor Groom-to-be. Funny when it’s not you, I suppose.

Watch it here:


Have you got a story of your own? Let us know in the comments below!

How To Prep For Your Summer Holiday

How To Prep For Your Summer Holiday

May is here and that means one thing – it’s finally holiday season! Wherever you’re jetting off to, it’s safe to say we’ve all been dreaming of a sunny getaway since January. (Don’t kid yourself, you have the countdown app). Chilling at the beach, the sun blazing, a cold Mojito in hand… I mean a cold beer, obviously. Ah, heaven.


But checking my countdown app every day/hour got me thinking, how many of us are prepared? Like, actually prepared? If you’re feeling confident that’s fine, off you go on your endeavors. But if you’re like me and can be slightly forgetful, here’s your very own last minute check list. You’re welcome.



If you’ve never turned up to the airport with an out of date passport, good for you! Unfortunately, I have. Not one of my finest moments. Go, right now and check your passport’s expiry date. It’s also worth researching the country you’re visiting’s requirements. Some will expect your passport to be valid for up to 6 months after entering. Do it now and you’ll thank me later.



How many of you have booked your flights but not your accommodation? Yeah, I’ll do it tomorrow. Or the next day. Or the day after that. Or, now? It’s true the longer you wait, the more expensive it is. And please, read reviews before you book! Unless of course you’re fine with a cockroach infestation. Each to their own.



Insurance, how boring? I feel like a nagging parent but let’s be realistic, those of you who are going on a “lads holiday” will need insurance. The good news is you can get it fairly cheap on Martin Lewis’ Money Saving Expert site.



Make the most out of your holiday by doing a bit of quick research beforehand. And this doesn’t just apply to those of you who want to see the sites. If you’re there for the nightlife then plan ahead. Find out who’s playing in each club throughout the week, do you need tickets? If you’re struggling for ideas, take a look on Time Out for inspiration.



Worried about carrying cash? Take out a Travel Card instead! They work exactly like a debit card – spend or withdraw cash as you wish. Just pre-pay it before you go, simple.



Ah, packing. It’s all fun and games until you have weight/height/depth restrictions. My advice? Go out and buy yourself portable luggage scales. You can find them for as cheap as £1 and you’ll avoid paying that extra €50 at the Airport. (If you plan on buying anything abroad, you should probably bring the scales with you.) Worried about losing your suitcase? If you’re travelling with a friend, pack half in theirs and half in yours (and vice versa). If you have a fairly generic suitcase, you may also want to wrap a scarf around it.



Do you know how many people go abroad and forget sun cream? I personally don’t but considering how many red shoulders I seen after last week’s heat wave, I’m betting it’s a lot. If you’re just taking hand luggage, it’s worth buying plastic travel bottles – this will be a lot cheaper than buying miniature toiletries that run out within a day.



Do you need vaccines? Take medication that runs out while you’re away? What about mosquito/insect repellent? Having a heavy night, where’s your Paracetamol? If you haven’t broken in your new shoes, you may even want to consider some plasters.



Finally, the fun bit. Do you have your swim shorts at the ready? Your light tee’s for your hungover breakfast runs? A loud, printed shirt for a night out? Don’t worry, I’m here to help. Take a look at our HOLIDAY SHOP for everything you’ve missed.


Now you have everything there’s just one thing left to do….
Crack open a cold one and enjoy!

Fitness Challenges UK

Fitness Challenges UK

We’re continuing with our Fitness theme and bringing you the best (and funniest) ways to get fit before Summer. If you don’t like the outdoors or getting knee deep in mud, I suggest you look away now…



Peak District, England

Looking for something to do with a group of friends? This Obstacle Course is fun and challenging. Run, crawl, jump, climb and slide through mud in the spectacular countryside of the Peak District.

More Info:



Cardiff, Wales

Are we ever too old to enjoy Inflatables? The answer is quite simply, no. This inflatable 5K run is said to be perfect for first timers who have never run before. Challenge accepted.

More Info:



London, England

No, this isn’t the city break you think it is. Cycle from London, spend a night in a ferry and enjoy the cobbled streets and wonderful architecture of Amsterdam. If you make it that far.

More Info:



Aberdare, Wales

A race against good and bad. Which side will you be on? This is one way to spend your Sunday morning in fancy dress and not get weird looks.

More Info:



Manchester, England

Looking for a physical challenge? Born Survivor’s not for the faint hearted – this is the ultimate military obstacle course. Perfect if you want a team building exercise!

More Info:



London, England

Full Moon or Half Moon marathon? The choice is yours with this late night charitable walk in London. What’s not optional is a decorated bra… All for a great cause!

More Info:



Lincolnshire, England

Not to be confused with a weekend in Ibiza, however, this muddy obstacle course does have a phenomenal after party… There’s even a festival campsite!

More Info:



London, England

A marathon with a twist. Or a cape, should I say. Worried you may finish last? It’s the taking part that counts! And if you don’t believe that, bring a mask.

More Info:



Cambridge, England

This fitness event is exactly how it sounds: a cocktail drinking race. If only… This event is a cocktail of races – swim, cycle and run! Surprisingly enough the end prize isn’t a mojito. That’s disappointing.

More Info:



Staffordshire, England

Surprisingly not a movie marathon. This one day sporting event is considered the hardest in the world. The race consists of a 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bicycle ride and a 26 mile marathon. Rather you, than me.

More Info:



Are you taking part in any of these challenges? Let us know below!

The 10 Most Annoying Gym Goers

The 10 Most Annoying Gym Goers

Considering it’s Spring, otherwise known as Gym Season, we’re on a health kick aiming to get fit for Summer. Unfortunately, that means spending hours at the gym – or 30 minutes if you’re me. And surprise, surprise! It only takes 30 minutes to recognize some people lack simple gym etiquette.


Here’s the 10 most annoying people you’ll find at the gym…

If you’re one of them, please stop.



When I first went to the gym and seen “No Phone Calls” signs, I thought to myself – surely no one comes to the gym and takes a conference call? Oh, how I was wrong. I’m starting to think I’ve accidentally walked into a call centre. This goes for grunting too – on every rep? Calm down.



“If you’re not sweating, you’re doing it wrong.” Yes, that may be true. I can see your sweat. I can probably smell your sweat. But do I want to get drenched in your sweat because you forgot to wipe down your machine? Nooooo. Clean up after yourself. There’s cleaning products sitting right there. Literally. Right there.



Assuming you’re old enough to care about your fitness, you’re old enough to NOT leave your weights on the floor. No one’s going to come behind you and tidy up. Put your weights back on the rack!



Contrary to popular belief – the mirrors in the gym are not for selfies. They’re there so you can ensure you’re doing movements correctly. (Trust me, there is a right way to Squat…) And don’t try to play it off as a progress picture, we all know the difference.



Now I’m not one to be biased, but time and time again, I see couples come to the gym and follow each other around. Having someone to spur you on and motivate you is great – but following one another around like a lost puppy and not actually working out? Nope. Not having it. Sorry.



You’re all set. Weights/machine ready to go. Suddenly, you remember you need water. The water fountain is 2 meters away and somehow, in that space of time everything disappears. Ah yes, the gym thief has struck again.



There’s nothing worse than someone who hogs a machine and even rests on it between sets. Be efficient with your time. Bounce between machines and work multiple parts of your body. If you want a rest, find an appropriate place to sit down and post that Instagram “progress” pic.



Ever heard of personal space?! There’s plenty of room in the gym, so why are you glued to my hip? I’m trying to do a Burpee but suddenly there’s limbs coming at me from all directions. This also applies to people who stand right next to the machines, waiting for you to finish. I’m going to take even longer just to annoy you. If I can, that is.



Whether the gym class is 30 minutes or 60, coming late does yourself no favours. You miss the warm-up which is essential for any physical activity. And you disrupt everyone else in the class! If you can’t make it in time, use the machines instead. This also goes for those of you who sign up to classes but never show up – there’s limited places, don’t do it!



Yes, you may look at someone and think they’re doing absolutely nothing right. But does that mean you get to share your presumptuous, gym knowledge and wisdom? If you’re not their personal trainer, keep your mouth shut. You can’t asses someone you don’t know.


Which gym goer annoys you the most? Let us know below!


Get Fit (or Die Trying)...

Get Fit (or Die Trying)...

Hand's up if your New Year's resolution was to get fit? Or if you've been paying for a gym membership that still hasn't been used? Ok, maybe that's just me but enough is enough. We're almost in May and if this weeks weather doesn't motivate you to get fit, nothing will.

Now I'm not going to fool myself by claiming I'll go to the gym everyday, let's be realistic. But, I am making a few small changes to help get me there... Slowly, but surely.

Whether it's the lift or escalator, we're all guilty of taking the easy way out. Start small - take the stairs in work. You should probably leave a little earlier to begin...

Taking a quick Uber here and there may be tempting, but walking when you can will burn calories AND save you money. It's a win, win. Delete that Uber app. Do it now.

Walking is possibly the easiest way to get in shape and the cheapest. Throw on a pair of trainers and you can go pretty much anywhere. Walk to work, walk to the shop, walk to the pub...

Throw yourself in at the deep end. Sign up to an exercise class - you don't need to have a gym membership to attend but if you do, you'll find a lot of them are free. If you're still reluctant, try choosing a class that doesn't feel like exercise.

Get fit with food. Make small changes over time.
- Start adding vegetables to every meal.
- Snack on fruit and nuts.
- Choose brown bread over white.
- Use sweeteners instead of sugar.
- Always having a fizzy drink with lunch? Try having coke once a week.

If you're anything like me and you lack personal motivation, convincing someone to get on board with your fitness plan is your first task. Dragging yourself to the gym is tough enough but when you have someone else to share your pain, it can be a little easier. A little.



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