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Our SALE Favourites

Our SALE Favourites

Tired of looking through pages and pages of sale? Well now you don’t have to, we’ve summarized our very favourite sale styles. From our best sellers to our almost out of stocks, from 30% savings to 60%, you can find them all in one place.




Was £35, now £24.50

To print or not to print? Both of course. The zip-up neck and contrast collar put this classic Bewley polo bang on trend.



Was £25, now £10

Bold and eye catching, grab yourself a Bewley tee to top up your summer wardrobe. Perfect with swim shorts as you head down to the beach. Available in red, navy and white.



Was £35, now £24.50

Your summer wardrobe needs to be versatile so simplicity is key. A subtle print like this will go with everything - perfect even when the sun isn’t shining.




Was £35, now £28

Dare to wear tropical prints? Holidays are the perfect time to reinvent your style, so pack Favel in your suitcase and try out a new look whilst you’re away.



Was £15, now £12

How often do you treat your feet? We’re not talking pedicures here. Great socks add the subtle but perfect finishing touch to a well-crafted outfit - It’s a crime to overlook them.



Was £35, now £21

Shopping for your holidays? Don’t forget smart outfits as well as comfy tees. Ludo’s the perfect match for a smart pair of chino shorts.



Was £60, now £30

Bump up your 90s cool credentials with this classic bomber. Lightweight but durable, it’s perfect for layering up as the weather turns chilly.



Was £40, now £28

Come back in style from a season spent muffled up in coats and jumpers and blast away those January blues with an injection of colour into your wardrobe.


Too much Month, not enough Money…

Too much Month, not enough Money…

The end is near but sadly, not near enough. Pay day seems like a distant memory. Sound familiar? Looks like we’re all on the same boat. It’s the worst time of the month – the weather’s finally picked up again but our bank balances have never looked worse. Here’s a few tips to help you live well and save well...



There’s no shortage of offers and now you can get them straight to your phone. Download Apps like Groupon, It Is On, Voucher Codes and Wowcher.



Don’t just stick to your local because it’s your local. Shop around for the cheapest offers. If you don’t have time, check My Supermarket for comparisons!



Get into a routine of preparing your meals – you’ll be surprised how much you save when you’re not wasting £3 a day on your lunch time meal deal. I know, Sunday’s are best spent relaxing but if you really want to start the week as you mean to go on do your grocery shopping. Buy in bulk and make your dinner for each day, then take the left overs for lunch!



Who doesn’t love a Social Media competition? Someone has to win. Everything tastes better when it’s free…



Live close to a Vue Cinema? Well you’re in luck! Vue sell tickets for just £5! Stop in Aldi for some 70p Nachos and make it your cheapest Cinema date yet.



Forget your pin number, ditch contactless and apple pay – basically just ditch your bank card completely. Go back a few years and set yourself a cash budget and leave your bank card at home.



In need of a new wardrobe? Well you’re in luck! We have our biggest Summer Sale yet. Shirts, Polos, Jackets and Tees, we have it all. Saving for a holiday? Be sure to take a look at our short sleeve shirts (there’s up to 50% off)…



Take a look on Money Saving Expert for more tips.


What are some of the ways you save money? Let us know below.

Top 10 Father's Day Picks

Top 10 Father's Day Picks

Forgot about Father's Day? We've all been there but with free next working day delivery, you have nothing to worry about! Here's our Top 10 Father's Day Picks guaranteed to please...



Basic shirts are non-negotiable, but can quickly get tedious, so we’ve thrown a dog on there liven things up a bit. Available in pink, navy, sky, black and white.


2. BEAL - Get 2 BEAL Polo's for £50!

Simple and classic, Beal combines bold colours with striking detail to create a wardrobe staple you’ll come back to again and again. Available in pink, whiteturquoise, blue and navy.



Sturdy and hardwearing, these timeless denims are the perfect partner for your Bewley shirts and polos, the trusty pair you’ll keep going back to for every outfit, all year round. Available in navy and black.


4. ROMAN - Get 2 ROMAN Tee's for £35!

Wardrobe essentials in need of updating? Overhaul them in time for summer so you’re never left with anything old and faded to wear. This tee’s a great place to start your new collection. Available in blackwhite, navy, cobalt blue and grey.



Got some winter sun on the agenda? This is the shirt you need to pack. It’s fun, it’s tropical but not tacky – it’s the perfect holiday shirt.


6. ALDEN SWIMS - Get 2 Swim Shorts for £40!

Practicality meets style with these classic swim shorts. Too many men drop the ball when it comes to holiday fashion – don’t be one of them. Perfect with a bold tee as you head down to the beach. Available in aqua, red, navy and cobalt blue.



Taking the classic Oxford up a level with a subtle pastel stripe, Bodd is a must have for your summer wardrobe. Pair with smart chino shorts and boat shoes for a sophisticated and timeless summer outfit. Available in sky stripe and pink stripe.


8. BLAZERS - Now with 20% off

Update your summer wardrobe with this light blazer. Perfect with a crisp white shirt and smart chinos, Duty adds a flash of class to your outfit without going over the top.


9. SALE - Now with up to 50% off

Shopping for your holidays? Don’t forget smart outfits as well as comfy tees. Ludo’s the perfect match for a smart pair of chino shorts.



For the picky dad...


Which one is your favourite? Let us know below.

SUMMER SWIMS - How do you wear them?

SUMMER SWIMS - How do you wear them?

Not sure how to style your Swim Shorts this season? Here's a few ideas to get you started...


BODD Pink Stripe, ROMAN White & ALDEN Aqua.


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The Bank Holiday’s almost over – now what?

The Bank Holiday’s almost over – now what?

I hate to be the bearer of bad news but someone has to say it… In case you didn’t know, we won’t have another bank holiday weekend until the end of August. Three months of short weekends. What’s going on UK? Who decided we should have four bank holidays in two months but none all Summer? We’re truly deprived as a Nation.


Anyways, enough of the negativity. This blog is focusing on the bright side of Summer! (I use the term ‘bright’ lightly. Let’s face it, we’re doomed to three months of cloudy days…) So, what can we look forward to in the next three months?  Here’s a few things you couldn’t do in those cold winter months…



Everything’s better when you do it outside. Eating lunch? Have a picnic. Got a gym class? Go cycling instead. Swimming, canoeing, horse riding… There’s an abundance of things you can do outside. Knowing our luck the Winter weather will come in September, get out while you can.



This one deserves recognition of its own – who doesn’t love a barbecue? The temperature rises by 0.5 degrees and suddenly we’re dusting off our BBQ’s. Honestly has to be the best part about Summer. Great food, few drinks and all your mates in one place. Can’t beat it.



Ok this one may be scraping the barrel but it’s worth a mention. The 21st of June is the longest day of the year, (we’ll ignore the fact it lands on a Thursday) maybe that’s something worth celebrating?



There’s nothing like a road trip in Summer. Windows down, music on. It doesn’t really matter where you’re heading, does it? Winter road trips just aren’t the same. The windows steam up, the car gets hot and stuffy, you’re constantly scared of hitting ice and the rain’s so strong you think it might actually break your windscreen. Nope, winter road trips just aren’t a thing.



It’s the Summer we’ve all been waiting for… 14th June, the World Cup’s back! What a long four years that was. Who are you placing your bets on?



It seems like printed shirts are everywhere this season, find yours in the Holiday Shop!



If you’re lucky enough to be jetting off on holidays then I have one question – what are you moaning about?


Let us know your Summer plans in the comments below!

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