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      Entrepreneurs You Have To Follow On Instagram

      Entrepreneurs You Have To Follow On Instagram

      Are you feeling a little down and in need of some motivation? Being a success in business can be tiring and hard work but these inspirational stars make it look easy! Sometimes it's hard to feel passion for your job if you're stuck in a rut or having a bad day. Take a look at these lovely feeds to pump you up with positive vibes.


      Each account is owned by a thriving entrepreneur who is on a mission to help you smash your own life. Each feed is dedicated to helping you be happier, healthier and more at peace with yourself. Get your inspiration boost for the day here…



      Mark Groves is a human connection specialist and relationship guru. He helps people to feel better in their everyday life. As any entrepreneur will know, in a busy life, relationships can be the first thing to slip, which is why Groves’s daily inspiration is so important.


      Lewis Howes - former professional football player, New York Times Bestselling author and founder of the School of Greatness has turned his life into his message. His Instagram account is packed with motivational messages and behind-the-scenes photos of a day in the life of one of the world’s peak performers.


      Louis Cole is my favorite account right now. He has created a life for himself as a digital Nomad, just travelling the world and blogging about it. He has a fantastic YouTube Channel and his online presence is growing daily. If you want to know how to live the dream then this is the guy to follow.


      Probably one of the most successful men in the world is Virgin founder Richard Branson. He definitely did something right to get to where he is now and his Instragram is a great one to follow. See daily inspirational quotes and follow the life of a billionaire.


      HDF magazine is an online publication which delivers pure style and design finesse. The most in-depth interviews of numerous up-and-coming global entrepreneurs are featured on the site. They claim to not sell the dream but document the hustle.


      Gary Vaynerchuk is raw, upfront and direct. Given that he’s a serial entrepreneur as well as an avid investor in companies such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Uber, he’s got a lot to share about his day-to-day business ventures. His account features everything from marketing and social media insights to behind the scenes clips of his podcast and speaking engagements.


      Andy Frisella is as true as they come, an entrepreneur who’s not afraid to tell people to quit complaining and start doing. He’s not only the CEO of 1st Phorm, he speaks directly of the struggles he endured on his way to success. Andy’s account features video clips of him talking on his podcast and interacting with other entrepreneurs.


      Arvin Lal, founder of Shredz, has a highly engaged army of instagrammers known as the #ShredzArmy. This man is pure motivation. He shares his thoughts on the journey of building a company that has gone global as well as snippets of his speaking engagements.


      Steve Bartlett is a 24 year old entrepreneur who has done phenomenally well for himself at such a young age. He is the CEO of The Social Chain, a social media company which began in Manchester and has now gone global. His Instagram is packed full of motivational quotes and videos of his speeches.

      We hope you are now feeling a little more motivated to go out and give it your all!

      How To Roll Your Shirt Sleeves

      How To Roll Your Shirt Sleeves


      There is a serious contradiction of intention when a man rolls up his shirtsleeves. Is he getting ready for a fight? Is he relaxing at the end of a day? Is he getting serious and down to business or is he just cooling off?


      Historically men have rolled up their sleeves in preparation for work as clothing was expensive and they didn’t want to damage it. If you watch any old Western film you will notice how men take that extra moment to carefully fold their sleeves before landing a punch.


      In the modern world, rolled sleeves have evolved into a style statement. Do you ever find that rolling your sleeves looks messy or is uncomfortable? Well here are five ways to get the perfect rolled look.


      Before rolling your sleeves, remember to undo the buttons on the cuff and gauntlet of your shirt.


      The big question is should the sleeve be rolled above or below the elbow? The simple answer is above the elbow if you're about to start work and below the elbow if you’re just cooling off to or signal it’s the end of the day.


      1. AIFA Roll

      This is the easiest method to roll sleeved although most people haven’t heard of the AIFA method before. This roll only exposes a third of your arm which is visually appealing according to the rule of thirds. Start with one fold about the width of the cuff, then a second fold of a similar width. Simple.


      This roll below the elbow is more of a casual fashion statement, perfect for a day out with the family, with a dress shirt and your favorite jeans.


      1. The Basic Roll

      This roll is how it sounds – very basic. It's the most intuitive way to roll sleeves but it's more time consuming, and depending on the shirt and fit it can restrict your hand movements, and is difficult to undo.


      Using the cuff as a measuring point, fold the cuff once.

      Repeat this several times, tugging at the fabric to make sure it is straight and smooth.

      Roll up until you go past the elbow.


      1. The High Roller

      This style is often used by men with big biceps and tattoos on their arms and the sleeves are rolled well above the elbows. Lay your shirt on a flat surface. Slip your hand into the sleeve thorough the wrist opening and pinch the fabric half-way up the sleeve. With you other hand, roll the sleeve fabric inside out up to the shoulder seam. Flatten out the sleeve.

      Roll the sleeve half way to the bottom of the burned out cuff.

      Roll the sleeve a third to cover the entire cuff. You can leave the top part of the cuff exposed if it has a contracting colour or design.


      This works best with semi-casual or informal shirts.


      1. The Master Roll

      You’ll notice that some shirts have a contrasting colour detail or design pattern under the cuff, which is visible only when you use the master roll.


      Roll the sleeves up to about two widths of the cuff

      Smooth the fabric, taking out folds.

      Roll the bottom once more – covering the cuff and leaving just the top of it exposed.

      If there is a contrasting colour or design on the cuff – show just a hint of it.

      To undo the fold – simple hold the edge of the cuff and pull down.


      The master roll gets the sleeve completely our of the way – allowing for natural arm movement, while keeping a neat appearance.


      1. The Band Roll

      A very retro and practical way to roll sleeves. Over time shirtsleeve loose their elasticity and tend to unroll, which is frustrating when you're doing something important. New York restaurant waiters in the 1960’s had the smart idea of securing their shirt sleeves with a sleeve band, which holds them firmly in place.


      Here is how to use a sleeve band:

      Secure the upper part of your shirt sleeve using a sleeve band.

      Pull the shirt up a few inches to hide the sleeve band under the shirt folds. A bonus option is to secure a master roll using a sleek and smart sleeve band.

      Game Of Thrones Returns With Longest Season Premier Ever

      Game Of Thrones Returns With Longest Season Premier Ever

      Following news that Game of Thrones season 7 premier will be longer than usual, the series finale is following suit with an extra-long episode. Fans were disappointed to hear that this season will only run for seven episodes so they will be delighted to hear that the episodes could be the longest yet.


      It was reported this week that the first episode will run for 59 minutes when it premiers on 16th July in the US and simultaneously in the early hours of 17th July in the UK.

      This marks the longest season premiere since the very first one in 2011 which clocked in at 62 minutes. There have been rumours that the episodes of the season seven premier will be longer too, however EW says that this isn’t the case. The site points out that the episodes will be the usual length for obvious reasons – if GOT producers needed more time to tell the story, they’d just make another episode.


      Thiat said we will be seeing a lot more from our favourites this time around, Emilia Clarke (Daenerys Targaryen), Peter Dinklage (Tyrion Lannister), and Kit Harrington (Jon Snow) are getting a lot more screen time. “When I first read this season, I thought, ‘Damn, I gotta learn some lines!’. “ Clark told Entertainment Weekly. “We’re actually filming longer now. I don’t know how that’s happening.”


      Game of Thrones returns to HBO in the US, and Sky Atlantic in the UK in July. We can't wait!!



      Every Typical Person You Will Meet at a BBQ

      Every Typical Person You Will Meet at a BBQ

      It’s approaching that time of year again when everyone dresses in their finest BBQ attire and sits in someone’s garden enjoying cremated chicken and ignoring the salad. There's nothing better then a BBQ in the summer, but to enjoy it you also have to endure awkward chit chat, loud children and every cliché person in the book. Maybe you know what we mean with some of these people you are bound to meet at every BBQ this summer…


      The guy who made a salad and expects an award


      This guy likes to make it known that this isn’t any ordinary salad, this is one of his “special salads”. It usually consists of a lot of rocket, tomatoes and maybe an olive or two, but he insists it's his “secret recipe”. The salad always comes in large quantities, in a large receptacle. The salad might taste rubbish but it’s all about “the process”.


      Wannabe stud


      These are easy to spot – they're always wearing their tightest polo shirt, rear hugging chinos and over gels their hair. This is to remind everyone that yes, they do go to the gym and yes, they have still “got it”. You'll also see him lifting children (usually other people's) above his head just to show how strong he is.


      Halloumi Girl


      Here she comes with her delicious yet incredibly difficult to manage cheese. “Is there any room for this?”. Whoever's in charge of the the cooking inexplicably has to please this woman to prove that they really can barbecue anything. They spend unnecessary amounts of time trying to balance badly cut slices of halloumi so that they don’t fall into the charcoal, and it still turns out black and rubbery.


      The chaotic family with the crazy children


      They arrive looking stressed and shout at each other across the garden. The kids will most likely squirt you with a water gun so you drop your burger, and parents will just ignore it because they're “off duty”.


      The bored vegan


      It's a well known fact that 70% of barbecues tend to be talking about meat, which vegans yawn their way through before they answer for to 100th time that afternoon why they don’t eat meat. And no, they don't eat halloumi either. They give up all hope of eating anything when the head griller cheerfully slings their bean burgers on the greasy residue from those perfectly cooked steaks.


      Barbecue hog

      “Let me do it, I’ve got one of these babies at home” he will say, as if he's finally found his purpose in life. This person usually ignores all advice, dietary issues and cooking requests, because he knows best. And when he burns everything it won’t be his fault, it will be the ‘constant interruptions’ he had to put up with.Then he goes off in a huff and the original chef has to start again from scratch.


      I think you’ll find


      This guy isn’t in big groups very often and so try’s to make conversation by proving everyone wrong. If you've seen the news, he will have read an entire report on it. If you have an opinion, he will have a new take on it. He's then confused as to why he's by himself at the end of the evening...


      The bachelor who stays for 10 minutes


      You glare at him in envy as he glides around the garden with a breezy charm that seems to win everyone over but he can only do because he knows he doesn’t have to stay for the duration. He swings round the crazy children, pretends to be interested in everyone’s lives and then refuses food because he “can’t stay but he didn’t want to miss out on seeing everyone”. Once he’s gone the party seems so much duller and it’s only 1:30 but you know you are stuck there until it gets dark.


      The empty handed


      The classic “oh god I feel awful we didn’t bring anything “ line. Not awful enough to nip to the shop down the road, and you can always guarantee they eat the most!


      The adventurer


      That guy that brings the fish you've never heard of and obscure meats like rabbit. He wants to wrap everything in foil and pre-cook them in the tagine that he brought along. As lovely as his food is, you have spent all week craving the cheap burgers and sausages that you thought were going to be there.


      Want to get the heads turning at your next barbecue and be known as ‘the stylish guy’? Here's how...

      Gamby - White £35.00

      Favel - Navy - £35.00

      Haider - Blue £25.00

      Twigs - White £25.00

      8 Foods That Will Reduce Stress

      8 Foods That Will Reduce Stress

      Is the pressure of work getting to you? Maybe you're feeling stressed about life in general. Everyone feels a little on edge at times and while regular exercise can help, another good option is changing what's in your diet. I bet you never knew that adding two or three of these foods to your daily food intake could make all the difference…

      Kale & Spinach 

      Vegetables like spinach and kale are high in folate, which makes them great stress busters! Folate produces dopamine which is the brain’s pleasure chemical, so there are proven results that folate lowers levels of depression. Best of all, the consumption of dark leafy greens will help decrease your cognitive decline as you age,so it helps preserve your memory and thinking skills as well. Handy!


      No one can get enough of avocados right now - and for good reason! These little gems are not only high in folate, they are also packed with nearly 20 vitamins and minerals including vitamins E, K, B and potassium. When you have all of these in your system, they will regulate your mood, sleep and appetite making you feel stress free!


      Blueberries are packed with antioxidants, which is why they are often referred to as one of the healthiest foods in the world. Blueberries contain vitamin C which is what your body needs to combat stress. They're also easy to get into your diet - great with yogurt, oatmeal or just to grab a handful on your way out of the door.

      Dark Chocolate

      When you're feeling stressed, there's a good chance you already reach for the chocolate! Just make sure its dark instead of milk – this way you might actually do yourself some good. Dark chocolate actually contains more antioxidant activity then most fruits do. Dark chocolate can also help lower blood pressure, which in turn decreases the feeling of stress.


      Oatmeal is a non-wheat grain, high in antioxidants and beneficial plant compounds. Avenanthramides are a unique group of antioxidants that are solely found in oats, which help lower blood pressure levels. They also dilate blood vessels, which leads of better blood flow and as a result reduces stress.


      You probably don't automatically reach for the garlic after a tough day, but maybe you should! Garlic can have a significant impact on reducing blood pressure and stress levels. It's also been proven to cut down the number of colds and flus that people catch throughout the year. Plus it makes almost everything taste better, so you should definitely be working more of it into your diet.

      Cashew Nuts

      Cashew nuts are an excellent source of magnesium, are cholesterol-free and loaded with antioxidants that keep you away from heart disease. These again lower blood pressure which in turn reduces your risk of heart disease and that’s a sure way to reduce your long-term stress levels.


      Researchers have found that people who take tryptophan supplements, (which is found in turkey) have higher levels of agreeableness then those who didn’t take it, which makes people much more relaxed. So grab a turkey sandwich once a week and feel the difference. Better yet, add avocado or spinach to that and you've got two stress busting super foods mixed together!

      Introducing these super foods into your weekly intake will definitely reduce stress levels, make you feel more productive and keep anxiety at arm’s length.