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      Best Dating Apps For 2017

      Best Dating Apps For 2017

      Since the launch of Tinder in 2012 the dating world has become a more fun and exciting place. Tinder cut out the long profiles of traditional websites and made dating apps the go-to method for meeting people online. However 5 years on there's now a whole array of dating apps to find exactly what you're looking for. We have gathered the best apps to help you find your soul mate or maybe just a fling for this weekend. Either way, you’re welcome!



      This is an app that allows you to record an icebreaker question and record and listen to spontaneous responses. They say you can tell a lot by a person’s voice and this app proves that.



      This is an app that connects people based on their interests and hobbies rather then generic profile stats meaning that your first date can be something more fun then just a pint in or pub – unless that is your mutual interest of course!



      Did you go to an event last night and forget to get that girls number? No problem, this app allows you to connect after if you were at the same event or location so you can still chat to them the next day.



      This dating app takes the awkwardness out of first dates and allows you to bring a friend, even the profiles have a plus one. If you get nervous going on dates alone then this app could be great for making you feel more relaxed – provided you can find a time when all four of you are free.



      A lot of apps are tying to be the new Tinder but this app seems to have found its niche. Happn connects you with people you have crossed paths with in the street, adding an element of real life fate to the impersonal world of virtual dating. If you keep seeing the same girl on your train or in your local coffee shop, this app could connect you to that special person.



      This app called its self the ‘anti-tinder’ by limiting your dating choice to one a day. It connects your Facebook accounts and matches people based on their profile info, gender, age, education, background, religion etc. The app promises quality over quantity for anyone suffering with a case of swipe fatigue.


      What's not to love about this app? If you have a beard then find partners that love beards too. The beard trend is huge right now, so it's a look loads of women are looking for. Whether you have a bit of facial hair or full on cave man, this app is for you.


      This app claims to change the rules of dating, putting the woman in the driving seat by always giving them the option to make the first move. If she doesn’t say something within 24 hours then the connection disappears.

      What do Fathers REALLY want for Father's day?

      Every year we go for the same gifts that we know our Dad’s will like but this isn’t necessarily what they would LOVE. This article is going to tell you what they are secretly hoping for.

      Slippers - Clarks £18.00

      Remote Control Helicopter - Argos £29.99

      Every dad loves a cosy pair of slippers they can slip on after a long day at work. However, will the feeling of comfort be as satisfying as racing a remote control vehicle around the room? Just picture the joy on his face!

      Socks - Sock Shop £10.99

      Chocolates - Hotel Chocolat £10.00

      Socks can be a play safe when you really don’t know what to get but surly there are already plenty in the sock drawer! Why not combine his love of chocolate and beer with The Beer Collection at Hotel Chocolat for only £10.

      Mug - Super Mug £8.49

      Tie - Tie Room £23.00

      Mugs are a great gift as they are practical and useful. However a gift like a fancy tie from the Tie Room is what he secretly has his eye on. This will make him stand out in front of his work mates and be deemed as ‘the stylish’ one in the office.

      Blazer - £100.00

      Shirt - £40.00

      Of course the ultimate gift you can buy to show your old man how much you love him is an item from Bewley and Ritch. We suggest this Bently Blazer or Haland Shirt. With our special father's day promotion of a £10 Voucher when you spend £60, you will be getting a good deal and putting a big smile on his face at the same time. 

      See the terms and conditions of our Father's day offer here.





      Top 10 Street Art Paintings in Manchester

      In recent years Manchester has transformed into a flourishing and vibrant city due to the creation of blossoming street art. Whether they have been commissioned or popped up secretly over night, the Manchester public loves the designs and are now considered a part of Manchester's landscape.

      Social Issues

      The recent project Cities of Hope has seen world famous street artists create pieces around Manchester in an attempt to raise awareness of social issues. 

      Artist: Nevercrew

      Social Issue: Immigration and supporting refugees

      Artist : Martin Whatson

      Social Issue: The environment

      Artist: Hyuros

      Social Issue: War children

      Artist: Dale Grimshaw

      Social Issue: Globalization and conflict

      Artist: C215

      Social Issue: Homelessness


      Artist: Tankpetrol 

      Portrait of: Manchester own Mr Abthongy Burgess who wrote 'A Clockwork Orange'

      Quote reads - "We can destroy what we have written, but we cannot un-write it".


      Artist: Akse (specialised in photorealistic portraiture)

      Portrait of: Prince 


      Portrait of: David Bowie 



      Artist: Faunagraphic

      About the bird: Mural of Manchester commissioned in 2011 by Converse as part of their Wall-to-Wall project.

      Artist: Mateus Bailon

      About the bird: Exotic birds to remind people in the concrete jungle of nature.

      We would tell you where they are but that's too easy so good luck finding them...

      Be sure to get in touch with us to share your street art photos:

      Twitter: @OfficialBewley

      Instagram: @bewleyandritch